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Breakdown Insurance: What You Need To Know

, Breakdown Insurance: What You Need To Know

Who knows, you are going out for a long drive, and your car breaks down midway. Experts say that there is more than a 10% chance of breaking down each year if your car is more than 3 years old. It is worse in the winter. You can avoid breakdowns by taking precautionary measures like re-servicing your vehicle each month. However, getting your breakdown insurance is a good option to protect you financially if your car vehicle breaks down when it is least expected to.

Types of Breakdown Cover

, Breakdown Insurance: What You Need To Know

Roadside Rescue: If your vehicle breaks down outside a specific distance radius from your home, breakdown insurance would pay for the servicing amount except the charge for new parts. The company will provide you with other helps. However, the incident is at your home or within a specified radius of your home, and then it won’t be covered.

Continental Cover

In the UK, European Rescue Breakdown covers roadside breakdown in continental driving. It covers the charge of repairing or bringing your car back to the UK in case your car can’t be repaired. However, it doesn’t cover the charge for new parts. So, it is always wise to have this insurance, if you are driving across Europe as you can face fees for roadside assistance charge for every kilometer your car is being towed.

Partners and Family

, Breakdown Insurance: What You Need To Know

Some policies also cover spouse or partner; however, check it with the insurance company. Some companies look at whether your spouse or partner is living with you at the same address. Family cover includes you, a partner, and usually two children under 21 living at the same address as you. Check whether your policy covers all the persons traveling in the car.

You need to wait nearly 25 minutes to an hour for roadside assistance. Some policies fix the number of calls to five or six each year. You may get more if you have a joint cover or family cover. If you exceed the limit you must pay for the assistance. Policies do not cover the cost of new parts. Some policies do not cover trailers and caravans. Animals are usually not covered.

, Breakdown Insurance: What You Need To Know

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