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Herbal Remedies: 7 Reasons Why They Work

, Herbal Remedies: 7 Reasons Why They Work

People have, actually, woken up to the user of herbs, but they have been in use for thousands of years, and throughout history, you have instances where some herbs have been instrumental in saving the life of many a hero.

It’s no secret that the traditional and popular use of herbs for medicinal purposes declined with the advent of pharmaceuticals and its cut-throat promotion. As the industry grew bigger and bigger, the use of medicinal herbs, just kept on decreasing until the time when it simply vanished altogether.

, Herbal Remedies: 7 Reasons Why They Work

A resurgent popularity

It’s very difficult to pinpoint, just when did herbal medicines make their way back into popular consciousness, but one thing is sure, they are nowhere to stay. The increasing prices and painful side effects of various pharmaceuticals have contributed to the popularity of herbal remedies; but more importantly, it is the success of their use that has prompted many people to use them regularly and in place of pharmaceuticals.

Reasons for popularity

It is their advantages that have made them so popular. As more and more herbs make their entry as remedial options, their benefits are increasing on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for you to see television commercials exhorting the virtues of various herbal medicines.

The Net and various other sources of information have a deluge of content that talks about herbs, their usage, remedies, and success.

The reasons

Here are 7 Reasons why herbal remedies are beneficial and are popularly used:


Most herbal remedies are inexpensive, as compared to their counterparts in the pharmaceutical world. Moreover, the fact that they are cheap does not mean that they have lost any of their efficacious.

Many an allopathic treatment plan for various ailments looks out of bounds for people who cannot afford them. It cannot be denied that there are many such people. For these people, the re-reemergence of herbal options has come like an answer to all their troubles.

No longer do they have to compromise on quality if they want to buy the medicines prescribed by their doctor. In regard to herbal remedies, they can buy the best, at very nominal rates.

Very little or no side effects

Almost all pharmaceutical drugs that are available in the market today have a particular side effect attached to them. Name the drug, and you can name its side effect. Not so with herbs. Most medicinal herbs can be used without worrying about any side effects.

In case of serious ailments, the herbs used might have some side effects, but on the whole, these can be tolerated quite easily. For e.g. a herb called Chamomile is used in case of an ailment to the digestive system. It has no side effects whatsoever.

On the other hand, if you want to treat a digestive ailment with a drug, then you are going to face quite a few side effects.


The variety in terms of a particular herb just about boggles the mind. A herb can have multiple variations, which can be used to treat the same ailments, through its various stages.

An example can be made of the herbal tea that is available in various forms.


This is a corollary of our earlier reason. The inherent nature of herbs makes them versatile and one herb can be used in various different remedies. This essentially means that one herb has different qualities that are used to treat different ailments.

For e.g. Ginger can be used for various stomach maladies, and for treating more serious ailments as well.

Available in various forms

The best part about herbal remedies is that they can be used in different forms. You can get dried herbs, which have to be crushed into powder form. This powder can then be mixed with water or tea, or in other cases, this powder can also be applied in topical form.

Many people have formed a habit of taking drugs in pill form. Various herbal medications are also available in this form. If your herbal remedy suggests a blend of herbs, then these are also available in the form of gel-caps and can be swallowed easily.

It is also available in the form of a tincture, and herein, you only have to drop a few droplets onto your tongue.

No toxicity

They are free from any kind of toxic substances as they are organic in nature. This also means that they are not habit-forming, like various other chemical drugs. This is one of the reasons why they are now being extensively used to relax the nervous system.

Easy availability

, Herbal Remedies: 7 Reasons Why They Work

Herbal remedies are easily available and no longer do you have to search high and low for the prescribed medications. Today, they are available in almost all medicine shops and can also be ordered online.

On the whole, herbal remedies are a form of treatment that one can enjoy and take the maximum benefits from. Almost all common and uncommon ailments can be treated by their usage and this is why they are being used extensively.

, Herbal Remedies: 7 Reasons Why They Work

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