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Internet Marketing and List Building

, Internet Marketing and List Building

People who are successful in Internet marketing understand the importance of having a squeeze page or list building page as the first page on their site because whether in Internet marketing or marketing in the real world, building a list is the most important thing you can do. So, how do you get people to sign up?… Show them what’s in it for them.

, Internet Marketing and List Building

Any great list building page has to have a great headline. It probably will have some kind of graphic or image, and three to five bullet points. It will also have an opt-in box, created by whichever autoresponder service you’re using. That’s all you need. Since you’ll be providing further information for people after they join your list, it really doesn’t have to be very long.

So, how do you get them to sign up? Believe it or not, it’s not your picture. It might be your headline, but that will just get them reading down the page further. But your bullet points will tell them why they will want to fill in the boxes because, in them, you’re going to answer their question, “What’s in it for me?” The acronym WIIFM is a staple of all marketing, Internet marketing, or offline marketing, too.

What’s the first step to writing the bullet points? Sit down and make a list of every benefit you can think of. What will your product or service do for the client? When you’ve finished, get up and walk away for a while. Let your subconscious work a while, and then go back and write a few more benefit statements. Take your time with this process because it’s very, very important.

But what’s a benefit? Put yourself into your customers’ shoes. If you were thinking about signing up for your list, what would entice you? What would your product or service do for you?

Here’s an example. Our My Fist List program, which is geared to new Internet marketing people or those who have been into Internet marketing for a while, but didn’t realize the importance of building a list has these features:

*Find the right niche

*Buy a domain

*Set up a website

These features make you want to say, “So, what?” don’t they? I mean, who cares if you find the right niche? You have to paint a mental picture for your customers so that they can see what finding a great niche, buying a domain, and setting up a website will do for them. Here’s how:

*Make tons of cash when you find your first profitable niche.

*Choose a URL that will stick in people’s minds when they’re looking for (your product)

*Put your product or service before a hungry worldwide audience

, Internet Marketing and List Building

Paint a mental picture for people. Show them how the features of your product or program will do for them. When you do that, they’re more able to relate to what it is you’re selling.

Successful Internet marketing requires you to build great squeeze pages. But it’s easy. Use a great headline, some benefit-laden bullet points, and an opt-in box on your list building page, and go for it!

, Internet Marketing and List Building

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