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Simple Cleaning Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

, Simple Cleaning Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Now is a good time to get rid of dust and grime. While cleaning is never the most glamorous task, it can help to bring freshness into your home as well as create a healthy environment for you and your family. The following tips will help you start off right.

• Dust and vacuum corners and crevices from high points to low. Dust falls down so you want to clean from top to bottom of any room. Vacuum everything, from the floor behind and under the bed, to carpets, lampshades, mattresses, and couch cushions.

, Simple Cleaning Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

• Take the time to deep clean your tub and shower. It’s easy for mold and mildew to build up in these constantly steamy environments. Remove shampoo and conditioner bottles, as well as soap and any other bath products. Wear gloves and use a good detergent and scrubber to remove all of the buildup and grime.

• While you are in the bathroom, clean your toilet as well. Use a deep cleaning toilet bowl cleaner and a bowl brush that incorporates a rim brush for cleaning in all the hard-to-reach and unseen places. (Try the Duck™ brand Double-Scrubber’ bowl brush.)

• After a winter’s worth of dirt and grime, your home’s windows may be due for a good cleaning. Clean like the pros, using a window cleaning solution and some crinkled-up newspaper. Besides being easy to find, the newspaper is also affordable.

• Defrost the freezer and give it a good cleaning. Get rid of old foods and expired condiments, and use a cleaning solution to thoroughly disinfect the inside of the fridge. Don’t forget to clean the outside, too. Many dirty hands have opened the refrigerator.

, Simple Cleaning Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

By taking the time to do a thorough cleaning, all the newness can be felt throughout the house.

Shelf liner is a simple and effective way to protect against dirt and dust.

, Simple Cleaning Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

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