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Tips To Getting A Good Night Sleep (without The Snore)

, Tips To Getting A Good Night Sleep (without The Snore)

Snoring is an embarrassing problem that affects millions of people, regardless of sex. Fortunately, there are many over the counter treatments available for snoring.

Snoring is caused by a disturbance in the normal airflow around the throat. When the soft palate and uvula fall out of place, the tongue may protrude into the throat. This causes the air to stop flowing in and out of the mouth, causing a snore.

, Tips To Getting A Good Night Sleep (without The Snore)

The actual symptoms of snoring are similar to sleep apnea, but the latter is less severe. Symptoms include pauses of breath during the night, waking up with a dry mouth, or recurring periods of interrupted sleep.

Most people find that a simple over the counter remedy such as a stop snoring mouthpiece can help reduce their snoring. The main difference between a stop snoring mouthpiece and a pill is that the former is a treatment and not a pill. They are approved by the FDA for use as a treatment for snoring.

These devices work by reducing the vibration in the muscles that make up the mouth and nasal passages so that snoring is no longer possible. Also, these mouthpieces actually improve sleep quality and increase sleep quantity. Snoring mouthpieces do not actually cure snoring – they simply control it, and this is a good enough reason to try them.

For those who prefer to go with traditional treatments that can often cost several hundred dollars, there are many over the counter products such as throat sprays, nasal strips, nasal pillows, and throat sprays. These all work on the same principle. The anti-snoring strips that are being marketed are for people who snore because the nose bridge relaxes during sleep, permitting the tongue to protrude into the throat. The throat spray is intended to decrease mucus production that causes snoring.

Nose bridges and snoring also occur because there is too much tissue in the throat. Large amounts of tissue can actually block the airway, thus causing the air to stop flowing. A large nasal mucus plug prevents air from reaching the palate, which causes the airway to remain open.

Treatment of snoring is possible because the tissues that are blocking the airways are removed with the use of a throat spray and then a nose bridge. These procedures allow for normal breathing during sleep and improve the ability to breathe through the nose.

, Tips To Getting A Good Night Sleep (without The Snore)

Other over the counter treatments are nasal strips and nasal pillows. Nasal strips work by reducing the nasal congestion that can cause snoring. Nasal pillows actually release the excess mucus from the nose, which reduces snoring by keeping the nose clear and allowing the airway to open.

The average person sleeps about 10 hours per night. It’s about time to have a good night sleep by following the tips and treatments available to you.

, Tips To Getting A Good Night Sleep (without The Snore)

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