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3 Keys to Living Well

, 3 Keys to Living Well

In your mind, what does Living Well mean to you? Does it mean you have plenty of money to do whatever you want? Does it mean you get to spend your time as you wish? Does living well conjure up the image of beautiful cars and homes and luxurious vacations?

, 3 Keys to Living Well

As they say, if you can dream it you can achieve it. However, a vivid imagination in and of itself does not lead to getting what you want. You also have to take supportive, concrete actions. In order to live well, it may be necessary for you to do some things differently than you’re doing today. Below is a list of three key points to keep in mind if you have the desire to live well but have no idea how to actually start doing so.

1. Learn How to Live Well

If you’ve never actually lived well, it may seem like a big leap to do so. But what if you could learn how to live well? You can!

There are dozens, if not hundreds of books, CDs and other helpful sources of information which will teach how to get what you want. In fact, the entire personal growth/self-help industry is founded on the intention of helping people live better than they are today.

Another example: If you dream of traveling the world, there are hundreds of books and publications that will show you how to travel the world, either on a budget or luxuriously.

The point here is if you want something, there is a way to get it. You just have to learn how to get it. Invest in yourself and your dreams. You and they are worth the time and money you’ll spend doing so.

2. Create Rich Life Experiences

Life is really just a series of experiences. Some experiences we learn and grow from and others set us back. Other experiences make us feel fantastic and some leave us feeling stressed out.

Instead of waiting for great experiences to fall in your lap, create your own rich life experiences.

Rich Life Experiences are the experiences you create for yourself from a state of purpose. In other words, you decide what kind of experience you wish to have and then you make it happen!

For instance, if you’re someone who loves fine wines, create opportunities for yourself to learn more about different kinds of wines. Visit local wine tasting events and when you outgrow that experience plan a trip to California’s wine country or take a class from a world-renowned wine expert!

Rich life experiences occur when you take something you’re passionate about and find ways in which you can fully immerse yourself in your passion.

Creating rich life experiences for yourself will allow you to live life fully.

3. Keep Life Simple

LIVING WELL does not equal DOING MORE. On the contrary, living well may require you to cut way back and focus your time and attention on just a few select parts of your life.

Two great questions that will help you keep it simple are:

What do I really want? And,

If I could do anything, be anything, or have anything I wanted, what would I do, be or have?

Now, brainstorm a list of at least 25 things. Then see if there are groups of themes in your list. For example, if you write down you want to travel to Paris, Africa, and China; you can group all of these together under TRAVEL!

The themes you see on your list will give you a place to start focusing your attention.

Focusing your attention will give you more energy to do the things you really want to do because you won’t be pulled in too many directions doing things you don’t really want to do.

, 3 Keys to Living Well

For maximum efficiency, pick only two or three things from your list to focus your attention on at any given time and then give those few things your all!

You can live well. Decide what living well means to you, learn how to get what you want, create rich life experiences for yourself, and keep life simple.

, 3 Keys to Living Well

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