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How to Stop the Ear Ringing – Safe and Fast

, How to Stop the Ear Ringing – Safe and Fast

It can be a confusing process to figure out how to stop ear ringing. This annoying condition, called tinnitus, can range from some occasional mildly irritating ringing to constant, loud, frustrating ringing. Luckily, there are some things you can do to minimize or stop the ringing in your ears, so you can get on with your day.

Drug Cures

, How to Stop the Ear Ringing – Safe and Fast

One of the best-known methods for how to stop ear ringing involves taking medication, though experts differ as to which medication is most effective. Some encourage patients to take ginko up to three times daily because this can increase blood circulation in the head and neck. Others claim that tinnitus is often caused by nasal congestion problems, and suggest taking a standard nasal decongestant three to four times daily for best results.


Many sufferers find that their tinnitus is worse when they are stressed. This may be psychological or maybe because of blood pressure changes that come with getting stressed out. Either way, one method for how to stop ear ringing focuses on relaxation. Listening to quiet music in a dark room can help, as can doing an activity that you find enjoyable. The most important thing is to get away from the things that are bothering you and clearing your head for a while.

Avoid Triggers

Another good method for how to stop ear ringing involves avoiding things that trigger it. For some people, this is loud noises or sounds of a certain pitch. For others, it can be something ingested into the body, like alcohol, tobacco, or caffeine. It may take a while to figure out what exactly makes your ear ringing worse, but once you know what causes it, the best treatment may be to avoid those things entirely.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Some people find that the only method for how to stop ear ringing that works for them is to lower their blood pressure. For some, this simply means avoiding sodium in the foods they eat. For others, it may mean taking a blood pressure medication to keep the problem under control. Exercise is helpful, too, as is losing weight if you are overweight. Since each of these can contribute to your blood pressure problem, a well-rounded scheme is often the most useful.

Get Some Rest

, How to Stop the Ear Ringing – Safe and Fast

Inadequate rest and/or exhaustion can be a major trigger for tinnitus. If this seems to be true for you, then getting more rest may be the best method of how to stop ear ringing for you. This probably means sleeping more, but it might also mean rearranging your life so you do not get as tired or so there is more time for rest and recreation. In these cases, ear ringing often indicates a more systemic problem. See it as your body telling you that it needs to rest, and you may find yourself feeling better quickly.

If these methods for how to stop ear ringing don’t work for you, see your doctor. While there are times when a doctor can’t do very much for you, he may be able to find a solution that you missed. And it’s always good to let your doctor know about a condition like tinnitus, even if you have it under control.

, How to Stop the Ear Ringing – Safe and Fast

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